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A niceness is not only a challenge of good taste, but also a challenge of high quality.
Quality Begins with the Quarry

Natural stone is crafted by nature through several hundred million years. Every quarry is given a unique history and special kind of stone by nature.

---in the quarry
Selection of Stone Blocks

Quality differs not only in different quarries, but also in the same one.
Working together with our suppliers, we handpick the best blocks for our products.

---stone blocks-the raw material
Strict Purchase

All the material are ask for a strict purchase, for only good quality materials ensuring a perfect hue and texture.

Qualified Quality Technicians

In Wanerhon, only those stone experts with a high sense of responsibility are qualified enough to be QC technicians. Our highly trained craftsmen are taught to pay particular attention to detail and have years of experience in working with natural stone materia.

---inspection by the QC technicians
Why the Processing is Crucial for Quality?

It takes a long time to make the material into products. And the process is the decisive factor of quality and durability. According to our quality standard, no chemical additive is allowed during peocessing to make the finished product a natural and ideal one.

---processing of natural stone