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Here are some tips for natural stone selection

1. Observe the surface structure. Quality stones are consistent in texture and dense or compact in structure, Check the edges are defective or not.

2. Draw or measure the size in case it will effect the joining.

3. Knock the stone and listen to the sound. Generally speaking, those in high quality and dense structure will make a light sound.

4. Samples may differ from the actural stone, especially when you are selecting those that vary widely in appearance.

However, because the stone is natural, it always has tiny pits between different mineral crystals. It also contains natural fissures that may appear to be cracks, but they are not structural defects and will not impair the function or durability of the material. They occur naturally and are considered to be part of the beauty of stone.
Mohs Scale:6-7.This kind of Igneous stone is long-lasting, heat, scratch and stain resistant and nearly impossible to damage with proper care and cleaning, which is simple once you know how.

It is a good choice for any project inside or outside including countertops, walls, floors and outdoor steps and decks.
Mohs Scale:3-5. This kind of gorgeous metamorphic stone is well known for its elegant beauty. It is more porous than granite, thus more susceptible to stains and etching.

Marble is widely used in the bathroom, floors and walls. Usrually, it is not suggested to be used in the kitchen, due to the porous structure.